How we help you make more money from your WordPress website

You may be asking, “Why do we need a website or WordPress maintenance and security service like what Smart Web Ninja offers?” Sure, that’s a good question.  Let’s dive into what we do regarding WordPress Support and Maintenance.

Part of what we do is help businesses bring in more business and make more money by making sure their WordPress website is working for them and not against them.

Let me ask you a question: why does your business have a website?  I’m guessing it’s ultimately to make you more money, right? To bring you more leads, more business.  If you want to make money from your website, then your website needs to work for you and not against you.  Ultimately, that’s what we do.

We’re like insurance or warranty, but with more benefits.  Think of your car.  You need your car to work for you.  But what if you get in an accident?  Your car is no longer working for you.  But if you have insurance (the right kind of insurance), then you can get your car repaired or even replaced and you’re back in working order. Or if you’re car is under warranty, then as things come up they can just get repaired and your car is still working for you.

In another blog post, we talked about 7 ways in which your website can actually harm your business by turning away potential leads, customers, buyers, etc.  This in turn does not make you money – you lose money.  We prevent those 7 costly issues from happening to your WordPress website.

  • We secure your website.  With the correct WordPress security optimization and 24/7 security monitoring, we make sure your WordPress website is hardened as possible to prevent hacks. But no single website is 100% hack proof, as we have all heard about in the news regarding huge businesses, such as Sony, getting hacked.  So we back up your website daily.  In the unlikely event something does happen (example: if your WordPress website got hacked), we can easily restore your website to an earlier point in time.
  • We monitor your website 24/7.  If your website went down, would you know it?  Especially if it went down for a week or longer, how much would that cost your business?  We know within a minute if your WordPress website is down and begin to immediately look into the cause and fix it to get your website back up and running.
  • We optimize your website for speed.  A slow WordPress website will cause viewers to turn away fast as they don’t have the patience to wait for your pages to load.  We’ll make sure your website meets the speed standards for search engine optimization and to keep visitors on your website.
  • We update your WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes.  As mentioned in the blog post regarding the 7 ways in which your website can actually harm your business, a lot of WordPress websites and hosts have auto-updater enabled.  Just like your computer, updates come out weekly.  If you’re not keeping an eye out on these updates, they can actually break your website by displaying PHP errors.  Here’s an example of our own WordPress website breaking after an update:WordPress Website Errors
    Now that would be embarrassing if you updated your WordPress website and didn’t even know that it was displaying errors like this! We manually control these updates and visually check your website after each update to verify your WordPress website is displaying correctly.
  • We test your contact forms. Your WordPress website probably has a contact form, maybe even a very fancy contact form.  Are you certain that your contact forms are working?  If by chance your contact forms were not working, and potential new customers were trying to contact you by using the form on your WordPress website, how much potential business would you lose?  One of our clients, before they became our client, lost a $25,000/year deal because their contact form was not working. But since switching their WordPress Maintenance and Care over to us, we have ensured their contact forms are working on a monthly basis.
  • We manage your WordPress website. Our WordPress maintenance/WordPress management plans come with unlimited 30-minute small jobs.  What’s a 30-minute small job? It could be updating some text, adding a new picture, add a new blog post (that you created), creating a new page or event, adding a product or a new job posting – almost anything.  The idea of this is that we will fully manage your website, keeping it relevant and updated, so that you don’t have to log in and do it yourself.  We’re WordPress experts, you’re more than welcome to leave it to us to get it done!
  • We make website suggestions.  When we regularly check in with you, we’ll always take a good look at your website first to see if there is anything that we believe you could do to help keep your website up-to-date and relevant.  If we see wording or spelling errors, we’ll ask you if we can fix it with a suggested change.  If we notice that you have stale content or haven’t blogged in a while (if you blog), we’ll suggest that you create some new content to give us so we can update your website accordingly.  This ensures your WordPress website is being the best and most relevant that it can be.
  • We host your WordPress website. All our WordPress maintenance/WordPress management plans come with the best WordPress hosting.  All WordPress website hosted with us come with a free SSL certificate.  This is important for the security of your WordPress website and is almost a requirement by Google now, as we explained in our blog post “How to Avoid Google Penalties By Securing Your Website.

All in all, we partner with businesses with premium WordPress support services to make sure your WordPress website is working for you and not against you so that you don’t lose money because of a poorly optimized and secure website.

Now, one last note.  You may be thinking, “I have a marketing person, they already take care of my website.”  Well, they do and they don’t.  Most marketing people take care of the content of your website (blogging, SEO, etc), but I bet they don’t know much about WordPress backups and security (for example, they probably don’t keep your WordPress core, plugins, and theme updated on a regular basis, which if not done is a major WordPress security vulnerability).  If you lost your WordPress website, could you approach your marketing person and have them restore it from a backup? Do they have your website behind a WordPress Website Firewall to prevent bad attackers and bots from reaching your website in the first place?  I bet they wouldn’t know if your WordPress website went down in the middle of the night.  Do they test your contact forms to make sure they work on a regular basis?

There is a huge difference between “your marketing person” and what we do.  I’m not trying to diminish your marketing person or their role.  It’s just that they are trained for marketing, but not WordPress maintenance and security.

We perfectly compliment your marketing person or team and would love to work WITH them. Combined we are the ultimate team to make your WordPress website work FOR you, generating more leads and sales for your business.

Now that you know what it is that we do, and that it’s likely you need something like what we offer, we would love to get in touch with you to see if doing business together would be a good fit.  Go ahead and check out our WordPress Belt Care Plans to get started today!