New Client Onboarding

Curious what happens after you sign up?

Here we outline our new client onboarding process and what to expect after you sign up.

Smart Web Ninja 3 Ninjas for WordPress Website Management Plans

01 Welcome Email

After you've picked a care plan and officially signed up, you'll get an automated email welcoming you to the Ninja family and laying out what we need to get your onboarding started. We'll need things like your WordPress admin and hosting provider login information.

We'll also lay out steps for how to contact support, submit tickets, and log into your ticket portal.

02 Website Backup

Once you've given us the login information to your website, your onboarding officially begins and the first thing we'll do is add your website to our management platform and perform a full backup of your website. We do a backup before we make any changes so that if anything goes wrong or breaks, we can restore from the backup and go from there.

03 Turn On Services

Once the backup is complete, we'll begin turning on services such as our security scans and uptime monitoring, depending on which care plan you signed up for. These scans and services will likely start generating tickets for us right away to begin working on.

04 Security Audit & Hardening

We then do a security audit of your website, auditing things like users, plugins, themes, etc. This ensures that you don't have old admin users, plugins, etc. that can be a potential door for hackers. Once the audit is complete, we'll install our security plugins and begin hardening your website.

If you're on our Blue Belt plan which comes with a Website Application Firewall, we'll work with you on timing to update your website's DNS to point your website to the firewall.

05 Website Optimization

If you choose to move your website over to our website host (included with all our care plans), then we'll do the website migration at this point.

Then, depending on the care plan that you signed up for, we'll begin doing website optimizations such as speed and mobile optimization, fixing any broken links or errors, etc. We'll also do our first contact form test at this point.

If you're on our Black Belt care plan, we'll also begin conducting our SEO technical audit of your website.

06 Reports & Ongoing Support

At anytime after we've gotten proper access to your website, you can begin sending in support and edit requests to us (depending on your care plan). Requests don't have to wait until after we're done with onboarding.

You'll also receive your first weekly report from us within the first 7 days of your starting date.

WordPress maintenance, management, security, and support is then done on an ongoing basis. Hi-ya!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions around our new client onboarding process.

Once we've gotten the login information that we need so we can access your website, we'll begin our onboarding process. The onboarding process take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to complete, depending on factors such as if we're migrating your website over to our web host or putting your website behind our website application firewall.

Also, some things may take longer, such as speed and mobile optimization. These are optimizations that we start during onboarding, but we are continually working on them on a weekly and monthly basis.

If your care plan includes speed optimization, we begin the speed optimization process within the first week of you signing up during the first week, but it can take 1 to 2 weeks to begin seeing the results of the optimization take effect.

There can be A LOT to do to optimize your website for speed, and it really depends on the website as each website is unique.

You're more than welcome to start sending us requests right away, but we will make sure the first backup has been completed first before we make any changes. We take a backup on day 1 of receiving your login credentials.

We'll have you use to input your login credentials and send us the secure link via a reply to the first automated onboarding email that you'll receive when you sign up.

When you send us the secure link from One Time Secret, we can only open it once to view your credentials and then the link and information within it is destroyed.

Have more questions? Get in touch.