Unlimited WordPress Support and Website Edits

Entrust Your WordPress Support, Troubleshooting, and Edit Needs to Our Team of Experts

Smart Web Ninja is your dedicated WordPress team for WordPress support, website edits, fixing errors, and making adjustments. With our unlimited WordPress support plan, you get direct access to our expert engineers for unlimited troubleshooting and edit requests each month. Offload all those WordPress headaches so you can focus on your business goals instead.

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WordPress Support Services

Entrusting your website support to us ensures comprehensive coverage for any request or urgent assistance your business may require.

Unlimited Edits and Troubleshooting

We provide unlimited website edits and WordPress troubleshooting to ensure your website remains dynamic and issue-free. Our expert team is always ready to complete any requests and address any technical issues to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

Mobile Optimization

We ensure your website delivers an exceptional user experience across all devices, from smartphones to tablets. Our mobile optimization services will transform your website into a responsive and user-friendly experience, regardless of the device used to access it.

E-commerce Support

Let our team handle product updates, modifications, and fixes so you can concentrate fully on order fulfillment and strategic growth rather than technical issues on your revenue-driving website. We have the WordPress expertise to maintain e-commerce sites for optimal up-time, performance, and conversion.

Plugin Fine-tuning

Our WordPress experts specialize in fine-tuning plugins to achieve peak performance, whether tweaking settings for specific site enhancements, integrating with other platforms, resolving conflicts, enabling desired features, or troubleshooting issues.

The idea is simple: You'll never have to log into your WordPress website again to make changes or updates - simply email us and we'll get it completely taken care of for you!

Unlimited WordPress Website Edits comes with our Blue Belt and Black Belt care plans.

What's Included with Unlimited Edits?

Our WordPress support team can do many things for you.

Editing content on any page

Submit edits to all published pages and posts with unlimited content changes – update text, images, formatting and more to your heart’s content across the site with our unconditional WordPress edits support.

Changing images, banners, and page elements

Reshape your site’s look and feel by adding new visual content anywhere or deleting any unnecessary elements; our unlimited WordPress edits support has you covered for unrestricted modifications – upload images, adjust banners, embed video, remove sidebars, and customize layout all while we handle the workload each month.

Adding new pages

Expand your site with new pages full of fresh content ready for users; simply supply the written content and images you would like published and consider those additional pages complete – our team will handle creating and formatting new pages wholly made up of details you furnish as part of unlimited monthly WordPress edits access.

Adding new blog posts

Publish unlimited new blog posts to continually attract visitors by simply submitting your fully written content – supply us with completely written new blog material whenever needed and our unlimited WordPress edits will cover transforming your authored posts into published articles each month.

Modifying CSS

Customize visual styling by tweaking CSS code directly without restrictions – restyle elements, change colors, edit alignments, switch fonts, animate effects and marshal look/feel through unlimited access to modify base design code as much as desired with our unconditional monthly WordPress edits support.

Incorporating website code

Seamlessly incorporate external code such as Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, custom scripts and more – our unlimited WordPress edits package allows incorporation of all required third party tracking, conversion and integrations for endless implementation of tags, scripts, APIs and pixels.

Making plugin setting changes

Fine-tune installed plugins by adjusting their settings endlessly according to your needs and preferences – enable/disable features, set usage permissions, integrate plugins across platforms, resolve issues, and enhance site functionality through complete access for modifying plugin configurations under unlimited monthly WordPress edits support.

Update products and coupons

Continuously evolve your online catalog and promotions by modifying existing products or coupons in any way needed – we'll update prices, change descriptions, adjust inventory, add/remove coupons and more to keep your store competitive through unlimited access for product and deal alterations.

Implementing website changes and edits from a marketing firm you may be working with

Working with another marketing agency? We complement strategic plans by completing any website implementation requests. Submit changes proposed by your marketing firm and our team handles executing technical tasks - whether SEO adjustments, tracking integrations, landing page builds or other website optimizations. We constructively bridge the gap between high-level strategy and tangible on-site results.

What's NOT Included with Unlimited Edits?

There are a few things that are outside the scope of unlimited website edits and support.

Custom coding

Our unlimited WordPress support does not include building complex original coding or programming from scratch. For example, we don't code custom plugins.

Similarly, editing or troubleshooting pre-existing custom code falls outside unlimited WordPress support. However, we can install code that you give us.

Graphic design

Graphic design work like creating logos or custom visual assets falls outside unlimited WordPress support. However, we can recommend a suitable provider that does this.

Content writing/copywriting

Crafting new written content or copy falls outside our unlimited WordPress support scope, but we can refer you to a partner that does this.

Building a whole new website

Building entirely new websites from scratch is not included with unlimited support and requires additional project budgeting allocated on a request basis rather than monthly access. You can request a new website build here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions around our unlimited WordPress Support and Website Edits Service.

Yes, you can submit unlimited requests to our support team and we'll work on them as they are received. We really don't cap the number of requests you can send us.

Unlimited edits are included with our Blue Belt and Black Belt plans. However, on our Green Belt plans, you may submit support questions and we'll do our best to answer those questions and/or point you in the right direction to find the solution.

Yes, we fully manage every aspect of WordPress websites to completely eliminate technical headaches. If plugin or theme updates cause conflicts, we directly contact developers to address core problems so you don't have to worry. If hosting servers go down, we immediately assess issues with providers to minimize downtime and frustration.

With Smart Web Ninja as your dedicated WordPress support team, you can finally relax knowing experts handle your entire website ecosystem. Let us fully shoulder the burden of technical upkeep across core WordPress, themes, plugins, hosting, and more. Our comprehensive management has your WordPress needs completely covered so you can focus entirely on business goals.

Yes, we support custom built WordPress websites. Please note that custom coding or making changes to custom code is not included in our care plans. However, if you need custom code development or changes we can work with you to find the best partner for your needs and environment.

If you request an update, edit, or change that is out-of-scope, we'll politely let you know that it's out of scope and explain why. We will also give you our recommendations for how you can go about getting that out-of-scope change done.

Some out-of-scope requests, such as a new website build, we can do as an additional project.

At this time we do not offer any one-time website tasks, edits, fixes, or projects (for example, to speed up your website) if you are not on a monthly website care plan that includes website edits.

Yes, we can support your website if it's on an in-house or cloud server (such as Azure or AWS). Please note that we do not cover server management or administration for your in-house or cloud server. However, we will work and coordinate with your internal or outsourced IT team/person to manage your website (for example, updating the server's PHP version).

Have more questions? Get in touch.

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