WordPress Security Services

An expert team you can fully trust to protect your WordPress website and maintain the privacy of user data.

Smart Web Ninja offers the best WordPress security services across various websites. Protect your WordPress site with our services, defend against security threats and attacks, patch vulnerabilities, and maintain round-the-clock vigilance against existing and emerging security risks. Our dedicated security services are tirelessly active to ensure complete protection for your website security and valuable web data.

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Managed WordPress Security Services

We offer comprehensive WordPress security, ensuring that your WordPress website has the highest level of security and remains safe from various security threats.

Deploy a Firewall

Implementing a website firewall is a key strategy to thwart hackers and spammers. This involves robust blocking measures to deter suspicious traffic and maintain the integrity of your site.

Brute Force Defense

We alter your login URL, enforce robust password policies, configure a firewall, and activate automated IP blocking to effectively counter WordPress brute force attacks. This will help secure your WordPress website.

Real-Time Surveillance

Our WordPress experts conduct real-time monitoring of websites, promptly responding to any hack attempts. This proactive approach enables us to address security issues immediately, tailoring our response to the specific threat level.

Enforce Strong Passwords

Conducting a comprehensive manual audit of admin usernames, we ensure resilience against brute force attacks to protect your website. Additionally, we mandate the use of robust passwords for all new users, enhancing overall security.

Daily Malware Checks

Automated daily security scans are performed on your website, detecting known and novel malware, malicious code, and potential backdoors. If any issues are identified, our team swiftly rectifies files compromised by hackers.

IP Tracking

Intelligent network blocking is implemented to restrict access from specific locations. If multiple attempts to access your dashboard or files are detected, we proactively lock out the corresponding IP address.

Database Protection

Protection against SQL injection attacks is a priority for our team, mitigating the risk of unauthorized content injection through the WordPress database.

File Permissions

File permissions are adjusted to ensure that only trusted individuals can modify your files. This safeguards your site from undesirable content placement and prevents the introduction of malicious code.

Weekly Plugin + Theme Scan

We conduct weekly scans of WordPress core, theme, and plugin files, verifying their alignment with the originals in the WordPress repository. This proactive measure helps identify and eliminate any malicious code or backdoors.

SSL Certificate

We facilitate the installation of an SSL certificate, ensuring that your URL starts with https. This encrypts all data on your site, fostering a secure visitor environment. We will also monitor for suspicious SSL activity which could indicate someone trying to duplicate your website for malicious purposes.

Our WordPress Security Services are included in all of our care plans.

Additional Security Options

We surpass standard security measures and security features to enhance our clients' protection.

Personalized Login URL

We can modify your WordPress dashboard login URL upon request, replacing /wp-admin with /your-own-url. This minimizes the visibility of your login page to bots and hackers and secure WordPress site.

Counter Fake Google Crawlers

Certain malicious codes attempt to deceive security systems by mimicking authentic Google bots. Our protection system can distinguish between genuine and fake crawlers, preventing unauthorized access to your website.

Comment Spam Filtering

We diligently clear out irrelevant comments on a daily basis, ensuring your website and dashboard remain clutter-free. This not only enhances the user experience but also optimizes your database for improved speed and SEO.

Daily Database Optimization

Our routine maintenance includes the daily removal of table overhead in your WordPress database, ensuring optimal website performance.

Validate Trusted Sources

We meticulously verify all your plugins and themes to confirm their origin from secure and trusted sources. Every component on your website undergoes authentication through wordpress.org.

Manage Inactive Plugins

Recognizing the potential risks posed by outdated plugins, even when disabled, we regularly review the plugins in use and remove those not actively employed.

DNS Change Alerts

Daily scans are conducted to detect any DNS changes on your website. Timely monitoring helps prevent potential website downtime resulting from unauthorized alterations.

Two-Factor Authentication

For an additional layer of security on your WordPress dashboard, we offer the implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This requires a code sent to your mobile device for login.

Authentication Keys + Salts

We introduce a set of random variables to enhance the encryption of information stored in your users' cookies. In simple terms, this adds an extra layer of complexity to your password, making it more resistant to unauthorized access.

Daily Link Scan

Daily scans identify any links directing visitors to suspicious content or broken pages on your website. We promptly make necessary adjustments and redirect the link as per your preferences.

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