WordPress Updates and Monitoring Services

Continuous website monitoring paired with ongoing maintenance updates to keep your website running smooth.

Keeping your site optimized around the clock, our automated WordPress update service handles core, plugin, and theme updates to prevent conflicts while real-time monitoring continually checks for things like site speed, uptime, potential security threats, broken links and errors, and more. You can finally stop worrying about technical issues and focus on your business goals while we ensure your site's continual optimization.

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WordPress Update Services

Keeping your WordPress site up-to-date is essential for security and performance.

Plugin/Theme/Core Updates

Our team diligently manages the continuous updates of your plugins, themes, and core WordPress files. Staying on top of the new version of WordPress, we proactively apply patches and enhancements to keep your site secure and optimized.

Timely Updates for Minimal Impact

We recognize the importance of updates but also understand that timing is crucial, so we schedule updates during low-traffic periods to minimize potential disruptions to your website's operation. Trust us to integrate the latest WordPress release seamlessly without affecting your users' experience.

Legacy Plugin Management

We can exclude legacy plugins and themes from automated updates, preventing potential conflicts, while we work with you to determine an optimal roadmap to new plugins that align with updated security and WordPress dashboard compatibility - ensuring your site performance stays optimized.

Safe Updates with Backup Measures

We prioritize the safety of your website during updates. Before initiating any changes or updates, we perform a full backup of your site. For critical updates or custom sites, we can conduct the update process on a separate staged copy of your site first, ensuring a fail-safe environment to address any unforeseen issues.

With Smart Web Ninja, you can confidently navigate the complex world of WordPress updates, knowing that your site is in capable hands.

WordPress Updates, maintenance, and Monitoring come with all of our care plans.

WordPress Monitoring Services

A comprehensive suite of monitoring services tailored to enhance your website's performance and security - from uptime vigilance to critical error detection, we ensure your WordPress website runs seamlessly.

Uptime Monitoring

We diligently monitor your website's availability, ensuring it remains accessible around the clock. With real-time checks and proactive notifications, we provide peace of mind and safeguard your online presence.

Critical Errors Detection

Identifying and resolving critical errors promptly ensures a flawless user experience. Our monitoring services watch over potential issues, intervening before they escalate.

Broken Links Check

A broken link can be a silent killer for your SEO efforts and user experience. We'll conduct regular checks to identify and fix broken links, preserving your site's search engine rankings.

Speed and Security Monitoring

A slow website is a turnoff for visitors and bad for SEO, and security breaches can be catastrophic. We'll monitor speed and security daily, implementing measures to keep your site fast and secure.

Monthly Contact Form Tests

Your contact forms are the gateways to potential clients. We conduct monthly tests to ensure they function seamlessly, preventing missed opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions around our WordPress Updates and Monitoring Services.

If your WordPress website is using legacy plugins, we'll make sure to first conduct any website updates on a staged website where we can check for compatibility and functionality. If things are good, we'll then push the updates to the Live website. If any issues do occur, we work with you to navigate the issues to ensure your website continues to work as expected.

We'll also work with you to find different solutions that we can use to replace any legacy plugins, as legacy plugins can create security and user experience concerns.

Safe Updates is a process where we perform comprehensive backups before any updates and, for critical updates or custom websites, conduct the process on a separate staged version of the website, providing a fail-safe environment to address any unforeseen issues.

This way, if any updates have caused any issues, we can revert back to the backup that was taken just before the updates and try again on a staged website to work out any issues, before pushing it to the Live website.

Yes, we'll monitor and manage the version of PHP that your WordPress website is running on at your website host. It's important to have a compatible and updated version of PHP for website functionality and security.

If you host your website with us as part of your care plan, we keep PHP updated to the latest version.

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