WordPress Speed Optimization Service

At Smart Web Ninja, we provide a reliable solution to propel your WordPress site to loading times below the 2-second mark, ensuring a seamless user experience.

We specialize in fine-tuning the speed of WordPress sites. Bid farewell to concerns about sluggish site speed driving away visitors or facing Google penalties for technical shortcomings. Our speed optimization service, rooted in best practices, is designed to comprehensively revamp your site's performance.

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Managed WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Areas for enhancement and site speed optimization:

Optimizing Images

In image optimization, we employ lossless compression to enhance all your images without compromising quality, ensuring they look their best and contribute to your site's overall efficiency. Additionally, any future image uploads undergo automatic compression, guaranteeing that your visuals maintain high quality and load faster, providing the best user experience.

Addressing Render-blocking Resources

We strategically relocate JavaScript/CSS files, Font Awesome, and Google Fonts code to positions where they won't impede the loading of visual elements, ensuring an efficient user experience and a swift page load. This meticulous approach to code organization guarantees that your website not only looks great but also performs optimally, delivering a seamless and quick page load for every visitor.

Minimizing Javascript and CSS

Our approach involves consolidating all scripts and styles, minifying and compressing them, adding expiring headers, caching your website, and relocating styles to the page head and scripts to the footer. This comprehensive strategy enhances your website's overall performance, swift page load, and optimized site load for every visitor.

Leveraging Browser Caching

We establish regularly updated cached versions of your website. Visitors experience faster loading times by accessing this cached version instead of loading the entire website.

Enabling Compression

Gzip compression is activated either from your server or the location where your assets are delivered, resulting in reduced loading times and an overall faster website.

Removing Query Strings

To prevent certain proxy caching servers or CDNs from bypassing caching on URLs with a "?" sign, we optimize and eliminate query strings, seizing the opportunity for increased speeds.

Reviewing Server Response Time

We identify potential slowdowns stemming from inadequate server resources. Regular monitoring of your hosting provider's resources allows us to recommend changes if necessary.

Combining Requests

We curtail the number of requests made by your website by consolidating all CSS and JS, moving applicable elements to the footer to help reduce load times.

Implementing Lazy Loading Images

Employing lazy loading for iframes and images across your site minimizes load times and conserves bandwidth. We refrain from using external JS libraries to keep callouts to a minimum.

Inline Critical CSS

Adhering to CSS protocols, we inline the most crucial CSS in the header, loading non-essential elements after the page has been rendered for optimal performance.

Our commitment to delivering top-notch WordPress services is underscored by our dedication to enhancing your Core Web Vitals. We understand that a mere focus on speed isn't enough; it's about optimizing every facet of your website for the best possible user experience. From meticulous page speed optimization to implementing the best coding and resource management practices, we aim to transform your site into a high-performing digital asset.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service comes with our Blue Belt and Black Belt care plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions around our WordPress Speed Optimization Service.

At this time we only offer our WordPress speed optimization service as part of our WordPress care plans and do not have an option to do this as a one-time project.

While one-time speed optimization may yield immediate improvements, without continual optimization, your site will likely slow down as it evolves (it's very common). Therefore, with our WordPress care plans, our focus is on delivering ongoing speed optimization services to enhance your website's speed and sustain those improvements over the long term.

Website hosting is a big factor in the speed of your website. While we can support your website with any hosting provider, we do include WordPress hosting for one website with all of our WordPress care plans. So, if your website host is slow, we would encourage you to take us up on the website hosting that's included with your plan as it's fast and secure, and we'll even do a free WordPress website migration for you!

Our WordPress speed optimization service is included with our Blue Belt and Black Belt care plans.

Although our objective is to achieve loading times of under 2 seconds consistently, each website is unique and there are many factors that can affect website speed, therefore we cannot make a guarantee. However, following our recommendations, the majority of websites we manage typically load in 2 seconds or less, aligning with Google's recommended loading time.

If for some reason we are unable to get your website to load within 2 seconds or less, we'll work with you to create a solution to remedy the issue, which may include a recommended project outside the scope of our WordPress care plans (such as a website rebuild).

Have more questions? Get in touch.

Ready to transform your slow website into a high-speed powerhouse?

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