WordPress Backup Service

Fully managed WordPress backups so you can easily restore your website if disaster strikes.

At Smart Web Ninja, our WordPress backup service is straightforward and effective. Our approach focuses on reliability and responsiveness. We use robust processes and cloud storage to ensure dependable backups. And our team is ready to swiftly restore your site in case of any incidents.

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Managed WordPress Backup Services

Our automated backups, fortified by robust storage solutions, ensure your website is shielded against the unexpected.

Up to 4x Daily Backups

Enjoy frequent backups up to four times a day, ensuring that the most recent versions of your website are secured.

Scheduled Backups

Automated scheduled backups occur during optimal, low-traffic times to minimize disruptions.

Backup Copies Provided

We'll gladly give you a backup copy, giving you control over your valuable data.

Offsite Backup to Amazon S3

Enhance data protection with offsite storage on Amazon S3, providing backup redundancy.

Proactive Measures

Implement proactive backups before and after updates or changes, preserving data integrity.

Backup of External Files

Extend backup coverage to external files hosted on your website outside the standard WP install.

60-Day Backup History

Retain peace of mind with a 60-day backup history at your fingertips.

Emergency Restores

Let us handle website restores and emergency restores with precision and care.

Ecommerce Backups

Our services can also be tailored to secure your WordPress e-commerce website.

Our WordPress Backup Service is included with all of our care plans.

Choose Smart Web Ninja for WordPress backups you can count on.

Don't gamble with the safety of your WordPress website's data. Choose Smart Web Ninja for dependable, automated WordPress backups and worry-free data protection. With daily offsite cloud storage of your site and experts ready to swiftly restore, you can stop stressing over disasters. Finally rest easy knowing your content is secure and your site can bounce back if catastrophe strikes. Pick a care plan today and safeguard your website now.