About Smart Web Ninja

Who is Smart Web Ninja? That's a great question!  If you couldn't tell already, we are an online digital marketing agency. But really, we are so much more than that.

We like to think of ourselves as your partners in business.  You have a business to run, and we want to help you grow it to the next level. This way, you can focus on what it is that you do best, while we work to make sure you have a consistent flow of leads. You can read all about or online digital marketing strategy (what we call the Customer Value Journey) - here.

We're also local to the Minnesota Twin Cities area.  We LOVE local businesses.  Primarily, right now we service local service providers.  We feel very strongly that as business owners of local companies, we have an amazing opportunity to impact our local communities. First through our own lives and immediate families (for example, if we're married and have kids), second through our employees and those that we recruit to work for and with us, and third directly through charities and non-profits in our communities.

Did we also mention that we are Digital Marketer Certified Partners? We're proud to be partners with Digital Marketer!

Anyway, if you're a local service provider, in MN or not, and you're looking to bring your business to the next level, we'd love to have the opportunity to have a conversation with you! Let's just have a conversation to see if it makes sense to continue having a conversation 🙂

How are we different/Feature Benefits?

We partner with you – we don’t just want to be some 3rd party company that just spends your money.  Instead, we’ll partner with you on a personal level, becoming an extension of your actual team, working towards a mutual plan to see you succeed and grow your business.

We communicate with you – as is with any relationship, communication is important.  You’ll be involved in every step of the journey as we grow your business. With regular check-ins and reviews of our marketing efforts, communication is important to us and gives you peace of mind.

We’re honest and transparent with you – in everything we say and do, we strive to be honest, transparent, and moral.  When things are going well, we’ll celebrate with you! If things aren’t going well, we won’t try and cover or hide anything up.  Instead, we’ll work together to make improvements as we work together to grow your business.

We customize our services to fit your needs – your business is unique, unlike any other business (even if you’re in the same industry).  So we’ll create a high quality custom package to match your unique business and its needs with services that will only benefit your companies marketing efforts.

What’s yours is yours – no need to ever worry, you keep the keys to your accounts and software, and you keep all your copy, content, and data - no matter what.


  1. To make an impact in the quality and freedom of a business and its members, thereby making a bigger impact in our local communities as a whole.
  2. Enabling our own team (SWN) with a flexible and freedom-based culture - as if our own members are all entrepreneurs themselves. All the reasons one would desire to become an entrepreneur and start their own business in the first place, they get as a member of SWN.
  3. Providing security and freedom for our families (SWN) to do what they want and/or feel called to do.


In partnership with Digital Marketer, our mission is to double the size of 10,000 businesses!

How we plan to execute this mission:

  • Harness the power and effectiveness of online digital marketing
  • Help entrepreneurs and business owners focus on what they do best
  • Take the stress out of digital marketing, especially as it relates to technology


  • Relationships - we believe life is all about relationships.  Relationship with God, with self, with our family, friends, and community.  Without relationship, what else is there to live for? Relationships are a core part of who we are within SWN and with our clients.
  • Freedom - we value the opportunities we have to create freedom for our clients, our team members, and our families - to live a free life! Our goal is to build businesses, both our own and our clients, that provide freedom for those involved in them.
  • Integrity - in everything we say and do, we strive to be honest, transparent, and moral. That’s what helps to make the world a better place.  And in our services and partnerships, we won’t hide anything from you.
  • Accountability - no one person is perfect, so when something goes wrong, we hold each other accountable to be integral and correct the problem.  Accountability is not just for when something goes wrong though, it’s also to continually remind and encourage us to keep doing the right thing.
  • Growth - if we don’t keep growing, we become stale.  This is true for business, but also for us personally as humans.  We will always pursue learning and growing, changing to become better business owners, entrepreneurs, spouses, parents, Christ-followers, and people.

We take the success of our clients personally - let’s have some fun along the way!