Google’s June 2019 Core Update – Have Your SEO Rankings Dipped?

Did you notice that Google launched a new algorithm this Monday (June 3rd, 2019)? They’re calling it “the June 2019 core update” and sites everywhere are feeling the effects.

Sites like the Daily Mail, and Vimeo have definitely taken a hit… The Daily Mails SEO Director went on record saying that they saw their “Discover traffic drop by 90%” and it “has not improved.” but other sites, like the Mirror, the Sun, and HuffPost are seeing massive increase in their search visibility and traffic.

What’s the difference?

Google is staying pretty tight lipped (what’s new, right?) but we have a theory…

It’s all about the CONTENT!

Quality content that site visitors actually get value from is what Google (and your readers) want, and if you give it to them you get rewarded, by both Google AND your readers.

“But creating quality content is hard right?!?” Well, yes, it is but we think this will help.

DigitalMarketer just released a fantastic blog post with some amazing tips on how to create quality content that will stand the test of times (and Google algorithms).

Check out the article here:

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Enjoy the article and good luck with the new Google algorithm rollout.