9 Best WordPress Management Tools and Plugins

Are you curious which tools and plugins are ideal for the best WordPress managing website? As your website expands, ensuring optimal functionality requires additional attention. Fortunately, there are 9 best WordPress tools and WordPress plugins that can address various needs. Explore this informative guide to help you manage and discover the most effective tools, themes and plugins for WordPress users!

What Is WordPress Management?

Effectively managing a WordPress website involves handling various backend tasks. Some of these tasks are straightforward, while others may demand a certain level of technical proficiency.

This is where the utility of WordPress management tools and plugins becomes evident. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced developer, these best tools streamline the management of your WordPress site or multiple sites, ultimately saving you valuable time!

9 Best WordPress Site Management Tools and Plugins

1. MainWP


Create and manage your WordPress site with our top recommendation for an optimal solution, MainWP.  MainWP provides many complimentary features, including an uptime monitor, scheduled backups, Jetpack, Sucuri security scanning, and a site vulnerability checker. The platform facilitates seamless WordPress plugin and theme updates, user management, and straightforward import and export of websites.

Key Features of MainWP:

  1. Instant access to each website with just one click (no password required)
  2. Security scans
  3. Site import/export
  4. Health check
  5. Bulk updates
  6. MainWP dashboard

One notable feature of MainWP is its user-friendly interface, and it is one of the best tools to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, multiple plugins, or theme updates in a simple one-click process with its management system. The platform supports efficient organization through the use of tags, allows notes for improved organization, and enables the easy management of clients and users. Additionally, tasks such as publishing, editing, unpublishing, or deleting posts and pages are streamlined, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of post and page management tasks.

MainWP’s setup involves creating a new WordPress installation and installing the MainWP Dashboard plugin. Subsequently, the MainWP Child plugin is installed on each site that requires management. The WordPress security of MainWP is ensured through the utilization of OpenSSL encryption. Once a child site is connected, it only accepts requests from that specific dashboard, establishing a secure method to manage multiple sites. While the initial setup may demand time and effort, the resulting time-saving benefits make it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

MainWP is Ideal For:

For those searching for a top-tier WordPress management tool, MainWP stands out as an excellent choice, offering many features and options. Notably, many of these tools are available for free and paid, with a premium package incorporating 32 extensions at just $29 per month. Whether managing a few sites or multiple WordPress websites, MainWP’s intuitive WordPress dashboard and exceptional features position it as the top tool on our list, catering to the needs of any WordPress user.

Pricing: $29 per month.

2. ManageWP


The next top WordPress management tool is ManageWP, and there’s a compelling reason for its inclusion. It stands out by offering the most extensive array of free features among our selections, making it an optimal choice for users mindful of their budget. The free version of ManageWP provides access to numerous useful tools, including the capacity to add an unlimited number of websites, efficiently allows you to manage update plugins and themes, benefit from a monthly cloud backup, and effortlessly access your admin dashboard with a single click. Also, you can clean up post revisions and manage spam comments, contributing to the smooth operation of your site.

Key Features of ManageWP:

  1. Manage an unlimited number of websites for free
  2. One-click admin access
  3. Team and client collaboration
  4. Backup, clone, and migrate sites with one click (pro)
  5. Maintenance mode
  6. ManageWP dashboard

ManageWP is one of the best WordPress tools that enhances your workflow by allowing you to organize through tags, assign sites to clients, and use filters for efficient searching. Beyond these organizational features, ManageWP includes a WordPress maintenance mode, enabling you to update your site without disrupting the visitor experience. The platform also provides access to client reporting and analytics for performance assessment and performance checks to ensure ongoing site health. For those seeking advanced functionalities, premium add-ons can be purchased, offering capabilities such as website backup, restoration, cloning, secure updates, valuable SEO insights, uptime and link monitoring, and more.

ManageWP is Ideal For:

If you are searching for a free site management tool to oversee your websites, ManageWP is a highly commendable choice. However, it’s important to note that while the basic features are free, opting for the all-in-one package to access additional features may require a substantial investment, priced at $150 per month. Nevertheless, this cost is justified considering the ability to monitor unlimited websites.

Pricing: Free, with monthly add-ons starting at $25.

3. GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro

Our subsequent choice for a site management tool is GoDaddy Pro, which presents an efficient and best free management solution for individuals easily handling multiple websites. The interface of GoDaddy Pro closely resembles ManageWP, offering seamless plugins management, updating WordPress core software, post revisions, spam comment control, uptime monitoring, and more. GoDaddy Pro allows users to add unlimited websites, regardless of their hosting location.

Key Features of GoDaddy Pro:

  1. Bulk WordPress and plugin updates
  2. Link monitor
  3. Automatic backups
  4. Performance check
  5. Analytics reporting
  6. Assign site tags for grouping sites
  7. GoDaddy Pro dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard enables users to manage each site individually or collectively. You can categorize sites into different groups for easy management based on clients or tags. Moreover, tasks such as checking broken links, monitoring individual site performance, approving comments, and ensuring safe updates by creating backups before updates occur can be effortlessly performed. GoDaddy Pro also includes client management features, albeit with the limitation of adding clients exclusively with GoDaddy products.

GoDaddy Pro is Ideal For:

While GoDaddy Pro is an excellent option for those on a budget due to its free pricing, it may not be the best choice for individuals seeking extensive client management tools, particularly if their clients are not exclusively hosted on GoDaddy.

Pricing: Free



Our following inclusion, WPMU DEV, provides site management capabilities for unlimited WordPress sites. Diverging from other platforms on our list, WPMU DEV employs dedicated plugins for all enhancements in site performance. These plugins are installed on each site within the dashboard, catering to various aspects such as security, performance optimization, SEO, backups, image optimization, and uptime monitoring.

Key Features of WPMU DEV:

  1. Automated updates
  2. Site performance optimization
  3. Broken link checker
  4. Uptime monitor
  5. Client billing
  6. Addition of team members
  7. WPMU DEV Hub plugins

WPMU DEV organizes functionalities into distinct tabs for managing different aspects of your websites. The plugin tab, for instance, allows you to easily review required updates for individual sites and proceed with updating them individually or collectively. Beyond this, WPMU DEV introduces the option to add team members, particularly beneficial for those overseeing a significant number of websites. Delegating tasks to team members can help alleviate your workload and provide valuable assistance. Additionally, WPMU DEV facilitates client billing through an integrated payment system, enabling the creation and sending of invoices and the setup of automatic payments, all managed through a customized white-label payment portal.

WPMU DEV is Ideal For:

If you prefer managing your websites using plugins that offer control over updates, image optimization, and more, WPMU DEV is a suitable choice. However, if you lean towards minimizing the number of plugins on your website, alternatives like ManageWP or MainWP may be worth exploring.

Pricing: $7.50 per month.

5. WP Remote


WP Remote stands out as another outstanding site management tool, providing the capability to oversee multiple websites effortlessly with a single click. Built on the foundation of BlogVault, WP Remote offers a range of features for free, including updates for plugins, themes, and the WordPress core, performance improvements, uptime monitoring, and collaboration options for both teams and clients.

Key Features of WP Remote:

  1. Activity log (pro)
  2. One-click backups and restores (pro)
  3. Daily automatic security scans (pro)
  4. One-click staging sites (pro)
  5. Safe updates for WordPress core, themes, and plugins
  6. WP Remote dashboard

Opting for a premium plan unveils additional features that elevate your website management experience. With just a click, you gain the ability to effortlessly back up and restore your website and create staging environments. WP Remote boasts one of the most comprehensive security scans among site management tools. Its robust firewall promptly blocks brute force attacks and identifies vulnerable plugins or themes, providing immediate notifications. The tool excels in malware detection, allowing you to thwart threats with a simple click.

WP Remote is Ideal For: For those in search of an effective solution to address security threats across multiple websites, WP Remote is a compelling choice. This potent tool offers a comprehensive suite of security features, including malware detection and removal, along with prevention of brute force attacks, ensuring the safety and security of your websites. The cost is reasonable, with premium plans starting at just $29 per month for a 5-site license.

Pricing: $29 per month.

6. CMS Commander

CMS Commander

CMS Commander distinguishes itself as a site management tool with its user-friendly interface, providing users with seamless control over updates, WordPress user accounts, and automated backups and restorations, all accessible through a simplified dashboard. However, its value extends further as CMS Commander surpasses most other site management tools on our list by offering additional features. These include bulk plugin installation, the ability to copy site settings and apply them to other sites, bulk post-editing, content import, and more.

Key Features of CMS Commander:

  1. One-click updates
  2. Bulk posting
  3. Bulk plugin installation
  4. Copy settings from one site to another
  5. Manage user accounts
  6. Automatic backup & restore
  7. Easy deployment of new WordPress sites
  8. CMS Commander dashboard

While the visual appeal of CMS Commander’s user interface may not be the most striking, its functionality is unparalleled. It is meticulously designed to deliver a seamless experience, enabling effortless management of all aspects of your websites. The intuitive layout, featuring well-designed tabs and icons, facilitates easy identification and navigation of the necessary features. From checking for updates on your sites and viewing critical analytics to cleaning up comments, accessing post drafts and revisions, and utilizing essential security tools – all these functions are conveniently consolidated in one place.

CMS Commander is Ideal For:

CMS Commander is an excellent choice for those seeking advanced features beyond conventional site management tools. With its intuitive dashboard providing access to all tools on a single screen, users can conveniently access everything they need. The starter plan is budget-friendly, accommodating ten websites for just $12 monthly. For users with a more extensive portfolio of sites, CMS Commander offers higher-tiered plans tailored to meet varying needs.

Pricing: $12 per month.

7. InfiniteWP

Infinite WP

Our next recommended tool for managing WordPress sites is InfiniteWP, which distinguishes itself from other entries by not offering a free tier. However, the absence of a free option should not overshadow the consideration of InfiniteWP, as it brings forth a comprehensive set of impressive features. In addition to standard site management tools like updates, malware scanning, and one-click admin access, InfiniteWP extends its capabilities further. It enables the installation, management, and migration of WordPress, uptime monitoring, and one-click backup and restoration. Additionally, InfiniteWP provides robust client reporting tools, facilitating the communication of site performance updates to clients.

Key Features of InfiniteWP:

  1. One-click site access
  2. Backup & restore
  3. Install, migrate, and stage WordPress
  4. Uptime monitor
  5. Malware scanning
  6. InfiniteWP dashboard

To manage multiple websites using InfiniteWP, you need to create a blank WordPress install to house the admin panel, serving as the hub for monitoring all your websites. Additionally, the IWP Client plugin must be installed on each site you wish to monitor. While the initial setup may take some time, especially with a large number of sites, the time saved in the future is substantial. Based on our experience, using the Chrome browser for software installation is recommended, as Safari exhibited some glitches.

InfiniteWP is Ideal For:

While InfiniteWP offers a free sign-up, accessing its services requires a premium account. The starter plan allows monitoring of up to 10 sites for $147 annually, making it more suitable for users managing a limited number of sites. For Mac users who prefer Safari, considering an alternative like MainWP might be advisable due to InfiniteWP’s reported glitchiness on Safari.

Pricing: $147 per year.

8. WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella, our subsequent featured entry, introduces a distinct payment approach for its services. Employing a modular pricing model, WP Umbrella allows users to pay per site instead of a fixed rate for a specific number of sites. The platform features a user-friendly interface offering uptime and performance analytics, PHP error displays, streamlined WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates, scheduled backups, and the creation of maintenance report templates for sharing site health information with clients.

Key Features of WP Umbrella:

  1. White label feature
  2. Uptime and performance monitoring
  3. Schedule maintenance reports
  4. Bulk WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates
  5. Automated backups
  6. WP Umbrella analytics

The uptime and performance tab provides a comprehensive view of various analytics, including Google PageSpeed test results, response time metrics, uptime statistics, and core web vitals such as first contentful paint (FCP), speed index, total blocking time, and more. WP Umbrella extends a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card during sign-up, allowing ample time for users to explore the platform. While WP Umbrella lacks comment, spam, and post-revision optimization features offered by competing platforms, it compensates with the ability to create custom site health report templates—a valuable feature for keeping clients informed about their site’s status.

WP Umbrella is Ideal For: Individuals managing a limited number of websites will find WP Umbrella’s per-site pricing structure advantageous, avoiding inflated costs seen in other tools. Moreover, if the concept of crafting customized client reports aligns with your preferences for brand representation, WP Umbrella becomes a highly recommended choice.

Pricing: $1.99 per site per month.

9. All in One SEO


Concluding our compilation of top WordPress site management plugin is All in One SEO. With over 3 million active installations, All-In-One-SEO (AIOSEO) stands out as one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive SEO dashboard set it apart from many other plugins in the WordPress SEO landscape.

Key Features of All in One SEO:

  1. TruSEO On-Page Analysis
  2. Rich Snippets Schema
  3. Local SEO
  4. Smart XML Sitemaps
  5. Video SEO Sitemaps
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Link Assistant
  8. WooCommerce SEO

Upon installation of the plugin, an intuitive wizard guides users through the setup process, configuring the fundamental SEO settings for the website. This includes syncing contact details, address information, and social profiles, streamlining the process for search engines to gather essential business or organization information—particularly crucial for local SEO efforts.

Post the SEO wizard setup, users can access the AIOSEO dashboard within the WordPress interface. This dedicated section provides insightful reports, offering a quick overview of the website’s SEO health. Moreover, the plugin extends its functionality to individual posts and pages, creating a specialized dashboard. Here, users can set focus keywords and add meta content, optimizing each element for superior search results.

Pricing: $49.60 per year, making its feature-rich SEO solutions accessible to a broad user base.

What Are the Best WordPress Site Management Tools?

Highlighted in this post, MainWP and ManageWP stand out among the site management tools due to their exceptional free features. These features include seamless updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes, instant one-click access to WordPress, and the flexibility to add unlimited WordPress sites. MainWP is an excellent choice for those looking for a self-hosted solution. In contrast, ManageWP operates on cloud-based servers, eliminating the need for a separate WordPress installation for the dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is WordPress website management?

WordPress website management involves overseeing and controlling various aspects of a website powered by the WordPress platform. This includes tasks such as content updates, plugin and theme management, security measures, and overall site optimization.

2. How do I manage multiple websites on WordPress?

Managing multiple websites on WordPress can be efficiently done through specialized tools and platforms designed for this purpose. Tools like MainWP or ManageWP provide a centralized dashboard, allowing users to simultaneously update plugins, themes, and content across multiple WordPress sites.

3. Is WordPress easy to manage?

WordPress is known for its user-friendly interface, making it relatively easy to manage. Tasks like content creation, updates, and customization can be performed with minimal technical expertise. Additionally, various management tools are available to simplify and streamline the management of WordPress websites.

4. What are the best tools to manage multiple WordPress sites?

Some of the best tools to manage multiple WordPress sites include MainWP, ManageWP, InfiniteWP, and Jetpack. These tools offer centralized dashboards for efficient updates, backups, and monitoring of multiple WordPress installations from one location.

5. How do I compare different WordPress multiple-site management tools?

To compare different WordPress multiple-site management tools, consider factors such as the range of features offered, ease of use, pricing, scalability, and integration capabilities. You can assess the specific needs of your websites and choose a tool that meets your needs for effective and convenient management.