Welcome to Smart Web Ninja

My name is Sam Hodgett, and I founded Smart Web Ninja in 2015 because I realized that too many small businesses were not putting enough focus and energy on keeping their WordPress based websites up to date, backed up, and properly secured. Not only is this leaving their websites open to malicious attacks (and even some non-malicious attacks), but it decreases their chance to have successful SEO strategies implemented. In fact, if you’re focusing your efforts on SEO, but not on the security of your website, you may be doing yourself a disservice and actually hurting your chances of SEO success.

The mission of Smart Web Ninja is to secure and support WordPress based websites for small businesses, so they can focus on growing their business, not growing their website “to do” list. We do this by giving you access to a team of expert WordPress developers, and a proprietary method of website management so that your website can not only be safe and secure, but it can be properly optimized for speed, performance, and SEO.

But, the core of what we provide is security. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the “ninjas” are taking care of you. You can sleep easy knowing your website is being taken care of. We partner with some of the best names in the industry to make sure every aspect of your website is safe and secure. When we onboard a client, we’ll run their site through an extensive security checklist and make a combination of recommendations and changes to their website to get them up to speed.

We’re excited to launch our business and help other small businesses grow by investing properly into the security and performance of their WordPress based websites.

Please… contact us to get in touch with us. I will personally ensure every question you have gets answered. I look forward to serving you and your business!

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