How to have a good first sales call

  When having an initial “sales” conversation with someone, you should throw your agenda out the window (which normally is to “pitch” them and sell them something). Throw it out. Instead, your only agenda should be to have enough conversation with them to find out if you want to continue having a conversation with them.…

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Smart Web Ninja - Are You Assaulting Your Prospects And Customers

Are you assaulting your prospects and customers?

Did you know that most owners and businesses doing marketing are actually assaulting their prospects and clients? See, marketing and Sales have changed. 10 to 20 years ago, you could literally just barrage someone with calls and door knocks asking them, even begging them to buy! But today, that doesn’t really work. Most of the…

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Smart Web Ninja - 6 Digital Marketing Strategy Goals

6 Digital Marketing Strategy Goals

Before you start blogging, create a Facebook page for your business, or start gathering lead information such as names and emails, you need to know what your business goals are.  When you know what you want to accomplish, you’ll be able to create the right marketing campaign, employing the right marketing tactics, and direct your energy…

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Smart Web Ninja - Google Chrome Browser Will Drop Secure Label for HTTPS

Google Chrome Browser Will Drop Secure Label For HTTPS Websites

In addition to dropping the “Secure” label for HTTPS websites, Google Chrome will also mark all HTTP websites as “Not Secure”. In a recent announcement, Google talked about some changes coming in 2018 with how it’s browser, Google Chrome, will notify users regarding the security of a website.  Google is basically reversing the way the Chrome…

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How We Help You to MAKE MONEY With Your Website

How we help you make more money from your WordPress website

You may be asking, “Why do we need a website or WordPress maintenance and security service like what Smart Web Ninja offers?” Sure, that’s a good question.  Let’s dive into what we do regarding WordPress Support and Maintenance. Part of what we do is help businesses bring in more business and make more money by…

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