Smart Web Ninja - Are You Assaulting Your Prospects And Customers

Are you assaulting your prospects and customers?

Did you know that most owners and businesses doing marketing are actually assaulting their prospects and clients? See, marketing and Sales have changed.

10 to 20 years ago, you could literally just barrage someone with calls and door knocks asking them, even begging them to buy!

But today, that doesn’t really work. Most of the time when that happens, we feel assaulted.

You see we’ve gotten smarter. But not only that, today we’re seeing a shift where we desire real relationships, even in business.

So often we hear the term B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer). But businesses are run by humans, aren’t they? And consumers? We’re also humans. So that means it’s really H2H: Human to Human.

So let’s talk real quick about human relationships. It’s really interesting if you think about it. How do you go from having never met someone before in your life to being super intimate with them? See, in human relationships, there are steps that need to be taken, usually in a specific order, to develop healthy relationships. And if enough or certain steps are skipped, it’s usually considered assault.

Now going back to what I said in the beginning, that’s what we’re doing in business: we’re skipping steps and assaulting our prospects and clients. So the same question can be asked in business: since marketing and sales have changed, how do you develop a healthy relationship with a prospect or a client? How do you lead someone who’s never heard of your company or brand before to not only buying your product or service, but becoming a fan and actually refering people to your business?

Well just like with healthy human relationships, there are steps to developing a healthy business relationship. We call this The Smart Ninja Journey. It’s a proven process that works because it follows the sequence of building healthy human relationships.

It’s an 8 stage journey that creates an amazing human experience for your prospects and clients, beginning with creating awareness for your brand all the way to creating advocates and promoters of your brand.

Every business is taking their prospects and customers through a journey.  The question is if you’re intentional about what that journey looks like and if you’re intentional about building a healthy relationship throughout that journey.

To learn more and dive into what The Smart Ninja Journey can look like in your business, schedule your free Strategy Session!